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Guy Michelmore is an award-winning English film and television composer as well as a former television news presenter. He has worked extensively in animation, independent feature films and natural history films. He has conducted and recorded orchestras in London, Los Angeles, Prague, Munich, Bratislava and Warsaw.

His current work includes a Nature Special for PBS and a 10 part series for Netflix. Recent credits include Robozuna, a 40-part series for Netflix and ITV and season 3 of Jungle Book. Guy is known for his work on Eyewitness and Marvel which includes eight animated feature films as well as a number of TV series, including Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Iron Man: Armoured Adventures and The Super Hero Squad Show.

Guy is CEO and founding member of the online education provider ThinkSpace Education, which trains composers for jobs in music for visual media. He’s also a host of their YouTube channel where Guy performs scoring demonstrations and teaches compositional techniques. Having visited different countries, he has been influenced by many cultures which have found their place in his music.

We had the pleasure of interviewing him recently about various topics. As we conversed, we talked about his journey into the world of music and gained much insight on what it is like to be composer nowadays. We also learned how and why his teaching began.

With that said, we hope that you’ll enjoy another extraordinary story.

"Enjoy writing music. Just have fun, don’t stress about it too much."

Guy Michelmore

Robozuna Main Title – Live Orchestral Recording

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Guy Michelmore
Once Upon A Time In Tsavo – Terra Mater 2022

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