In Memory of David Longdon

Our First Interview With David Longdon was published in the winter of 2018, and since then, both he and Big Big Train became household names for RVG and its most faithful listeners.
Fast-forward two years and you’ll find us all here, having just finished the preparations for the publication of our follow-up interview with David, thereby marking the start of a new decade for Vox Groovy in a grand way.

We invited David over to the studio, so instead of our usual text-based interview, we’ve got a “real” one for you today. Of course, we much prefer this way because it allows us to really meet the person, which is exactly what we had the privilege of doing. The frontman arrived ahead of time, and it’s safe to assume that anyone’s first impression of him would be that he is a humble, sophisticated and well-spoken gentleman.

Much like the Big Big Train of years past, he is always on time, thanks in large part to his father who was in the RAF. Our first half-hour with him was spent by explaining the philosophy behind our radio, but also by exchanging pleasantries and serving cakes, coffee, tea, etc.
Funnily Enough, in Spite of Nina’s...

fabled collection of teas, we didn’t have David’s favorite. An unfortunate error which we made up for by serving one of his favorite cakes, that being the lemon tart with chocolate for those of you who are curious.

"And I think it was probably take 4, something like that. It made the people at the studio cry. Hopefully tears of joy & emotion. Rather than tears of misery..."

By Vox Groovy staff writer;

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David Longdon in the studio
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