Who We Are

We have been given a gift that is Music and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. When music is a passion, you can tell. If the love is not there, it’s going to be obvious. We are a small online radio, broadcasting live from Suburb Studio near Nottingham.

Groovy Services
Kimberley, Nottingham
United Kingdom

What We Play

Vox Groovy Radio aims to bring its listeners the best of both, new and old music on a regular basis. It goes without saying that our staff is very passionate about a variety of musical genres, so you can expect to hear a number of different sounds.
Our trusted radio hosts will always choose the artists’ best songs, introducing the listeners to the program’s overall theme, and walk them through the idea behind it during the show’s time slot.

All of this explored through Vox Groovy Radio unique lens, but if you’re a regular listener, you’ll soon find that our radio personalities will allow their individual preferences to shine through, giving you more than one view to work with.

Progressive Rock & Art Rock
Symphonic Metal
Rock / Pop
Hard Rock & Metal
Film / Game / Electronic


Our shows are hand mixed, utilizing more than one cutting edge audio technology in order to bring forward the fascination of our distributed studio. Delivering class-leading high-resolution audio with an ultra-low <0.7ms latency.

Audio Transport

Dante is a ground breaking audio networking technology developed by Audinate to satisfy the increasing demands of the live sound industry for high performance audio, routing flexibility.
It uses a CAT6 cable and standard networking components to distribute multiple streams of audio plus integrated control data with sub millisecond latency.


Hardware or software processing? There was a time, when hardware processing was a tad more expensive, but nowadays workstations with a processing software in server rooms can go much higher than any hardware processing unit. Nevertheless, software processing allows more precise tweaks.


While Dante works almost perfect, a classic alternative is still available. Using good old Mogami & Van-Damme cabels and even somewhat older USB based transport.


Radio automation software often works great, but for live broadcasts, we use it only sporadically. Instead, we prefer a media player with ability to play and mix two tracks from a single unit. Each playback layer offers line-level and digital outputs for audio connectivity. The digital outputs are 24-bit/96kHz for the very highest sound quality. Compressed and uncompressed audio file formats are supported.

Analog Equipment

Bringing back older mics and preamps.

Data Feed

High-operational efficiency second generation IP Audio encoder converts the audio signal into high quality audio streams, and transmits the output signal directly over IP-based networks.
To ensure audio transmission without quality loss, we use uncompressed PCM audio streams all the way to the point of final conversion.

Vox Groovy Radio is supported by community members & the online store operated by Groovy Services.

Groovy Services © 2024. All rights reserved.

Groovy Services © 2024. All rights reserved.

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