Selection of Music for Modern & Not So Modern Audience.

At Vox Groovy, we hold music close to our hearts, knowing well the magic it can bring. It has always been about creating a sense of belonging through the sound of the beat, the rhythm of the melody that move us. Our team comprises experienced music lovers who take great pride in crafting a playlist that is diverse and engaging, one that will transport our listeners to a simpler time.

We aim to do more than just play – we strive to bring people together to create a community that shares a love for music. We want to take you on a journey of discovery, a platform for new talent, a space that allows you to connect with others. Thanks to you, we continue to be a part of many people’s lives, and it brings us great joy to help brighten one more day.

Hand mixed show
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Sundays o6:00 PM GMT

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Selection of music for modern & not so modern audience.

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Groovy Services © 2024. All rights reserved.

Groovy Services © 2024. All rights reserved.