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Rachael Gillespie is an English Soundtrack Vocalist and Remote Recording Artist based in Manchester. She is a fully qualified singer trained at The Royal Northern College of Music. In more recent years, Rachael has been working on multiple projects as a Soundtrack Vocalist on AAA Games, Feature Films, Documentaries, Adverts and multiple Albums.

The most recent project released was ‘The Waterhouse’, singing for composer Edward Patrick White and his company Alpha Dog Music LTD. Her extremely versatile vocals enable Rachael to implement her talents into an expansive range of projects. Her specialisms include Etherial, Ambient, Popular Genres, World and Musical Theatre.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Rachael recently. During the interview, we learned about her journey into the world of music and gained a lot of insight on some challenging aspects of singing. We talked about the importance of theory and how to maintain vocal health. We were also given an idea of what we can expect from her in the near future.

With that said, we hope that you will enjoy our new interview with nothing less than a pillar of tomorrow’s musical creations.

“Get as nerdy as you can with regards to theory as early as you can. Everything sort of starts to click, when you understand theory a bit more.”

Rachael Gillespie

Rachael Gillespie – Film and Game Cover/Demo Reel

Rachael Gillespie – Etherial Covers

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