Stephen Baysted: Music Is Subservient to the Film

We’re happy to present our newest exclusive with renown music composer Stephen Baysted. Nominated for many of his works, Stephen is an award-winning British composer known for his versatility in working with many medias and his energy inducing music.

Starting off composing for the game industry he had expanded his horizons and has now produced for TV, film and more. As a brilliant composer his works have shown to be passionate and emotionally engaging creating fans across the world.

Some key mentions of recent scores for films are “I, Claude Monet, Renoir: Revered and Reviled, The Impressionists and the RTS-winning Matisse Live at the Tate and MoMA.” Whilst for games, he has composed for number one best selling racing titles: “Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed, Atari’s Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, Fast & Furious Crossroads” and the Project Cars Franchise.

Over the interview we were able talk about Stephen’s many experiences on creating distinctive scores bringing a certain mood specific to each story. He explained thoroughly the many differences between working on film and game medias as well as his approach to all fictional arts.

With that said, we anticipate his future endeavors, and we recommend that you take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with his portfolio.

People often ask me why my music for racing games is so dramatic. My answer to them is, well if you watch a motor race and see what happens when someone crashes or something. The drivers are gladiators
and racing is brutal.

And if you ever go to motor race, the sound
is overwhelmingly powerful.

Stephen Baysted

Composer: Stephen Baysted, Vocal performance: Susan Legg
Project CARS Official Trailer

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