Jon Wygens: Be Creative, Generous and Keep Trying

Recently we had the opportunity of interviewing Jon Wygens about his various experiences working in the industry as well as what first inspired him to take the steps in this direction. With his skills as an award winning composer and a multi instrumentalist, Jon has worked on multiple soundtracks for a number of successful television shows, films, TV dramas and documentaries.

Some key mentions of media he’s credited for would be: series such as The Durrells, Sanditon, Bloodlands; additional music for Victoria & The Collection; feature films Flying Blind, Miss Christina, Animal Politico and the short film The Procession.

He has also composed score music for documentaries including The Murder Trial and the factual shows Great British Railway Journeys with its three related series; Great Continental Railway Journeys, Great American Railroad Journeys and Great Indian Railway Journeys.

We were able to learn about what the process is like when creating and producing compositions for media which has a base storyline. He expertly explained to us what it takes to have music to show emotion, to guide the mood of a scene and how to demonstrate it in a film to directly impact the viewers feelings. Subsequently we were also given a generous amount of tips and advice for the younger generation of music composers who would like to work in the industry.

Keep trying, be nice person to be around, nice person to work with, be creative, be generous, be a good energy, good spirit and keep trying even when things seem hopeless.

Jon Wygens


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