Tom Salta: Reconnect With Your Child-like Sense of Wonder

Tom Salta is a renowned ASCAP award-winning and BAFTA soundtrack composer, also known as Atlas Plug. As an established recording artist, he has created an array of scores for a number of successful television shows, films and video games. With his expertise and abilities Tom has amassed multiple credits for works such as Tom Clancy’s Recon titles, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, Deathloop and various other game premises.

We had the immense pleasure of interviewing him recently about numerous topics including his recent projects. As we conversed, we talked about his journey into the world of music and gained much insight on what it is like to be a successful composer. As one of the few to become a success story, he explained what his process was career wise and in line of function, suggesting to pay attention to the business aspect from the onset.

His versatile style and skills gave us the opportunity to delve deep into the industry and to gain many helpful tips on how to look after yourself when working in a studio.

It's not about talent. It's about persistence, It's about passion, desire, determination, good business mindset, marketing. Yes, good music is important, but I will tell you that without the other things, you won't be able to maintain your career.

Tom Salta

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