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Music holds a special place in our hearts, knowing well the magic it can conjure. It doesn’t happen often that a single person brings all that magical impression, but our last interview did just that. Mateo Messina is a renowned composer whose name has become synonymous with musical mastery over time.

With his distinctive, moving, and wildly innovative musical voice, Mateo is known for his Grammy Award-winning compositions, having contributed music to Oscar-winning films, indie hits, and popular television shows. Over his career he has encompassed over 50 feature films, short films documentaries and over 300 television episodes.
In addition, he had the opportunity to work on his own symphonies. Mateo composed and premiered 23 symphonies so far, presently writing symphony number 24. The Symphony of Artificial Intelligence, a project which he finds extremely fascinating and is taking a closer look at from a cultural perspective.

Often, Mateo’s choices when selecting projects are influenced by the kinds of emotions he wants to immerse himself in while he composes the music. For years, he has been composing music that naturally evokes many unforgettable feelings, memories and images. Projects like “Juno, Little Italy, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Tall Girl” showcase his ability to truly feel the story he’s telling, and if you take the time to listen, you can hear the sincerity so clearly.

It was during the interview that we revisited the analog days when he created his first piece of music that he was proud of, touched upon the challenging aspects of music composition and discussed his process for composing music. At the end, we learned that Mateo not only writes music, but is also the author of the script and in cooperation with others in preparation for the realization of the film.

We’re pleased to announce that a new extraordinary story of a music composer is here for all of us to enjoy.

I basically find what is interesting to me, I never pick up a subject of what I think people might like, because that just wouldn’t resonate and then when I find what is interesting to me, I’ll explore it deeply!

Mateo Messina

Mateo Messina: Truth Serum B

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