Nina Humphreys: In Silence Music Creates Emotions

Recently we had the honour of having Nina Humphreys join us for an interview. As an established, award winning UK music composer, she has created a number of scores for a variety of successful media. These include the standard television shows, films, Tv dramas as well as documentaries, animations, short films, audio books, theatre and even silent film.

Her wide musical range spans from large orchestral arrangements to contemporary music/sound design allowing her to work across diverse themes such as comedy, sci-fi and thrillers.
Recent works include dark fiction thriller dramas, High Water and Die Before You Die (Dan Pringle) and the feature film Call Me Dancer (US Dance doc which has just premiered SBIFF and New York).

With her several Film & Music Awards Juries and as a BAFTA member, she has appeared on many film music panels and given talks to colleges, universities and even festivals.
Whilst in studio, we had the chance to ask various questions about the soundtracks she composed for, focusing on the process and musical techniques. With that said, we hope that you will enjoy this new interview.

In a way you're stepping into the shoes of the audience. You're imagining how they're going to experience that story.

Nina Humphreys

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