Michael Tavera: All We Have Is the Moment

Michael Tavera is an established music composer having worked on multiple projects throughout the years. His scores have been heard by millions of people worldwide. He has scored over 1000 animated network television episodes, animated and feature films, TV movies and series.

Some key mentions of his work: The series Guardians of the Galaxy, Planet Sheen, The Secret Saturdays, Tom and Jerry DVDs, Cinderella II DVD, Lilo and Stitch, Casper, Hyperion Bay, Melrose Place, No One Would Tell, Dying to Belong, Slightly Single in L.A., Girl, Mr. Payback, Rocket Man, and many others. Michael received critical acclaim for the music in The Land Before Time and An American Tale sequels.

It’s been a while since we met Michael and we have been working hard to present his fascinating story. His music had a deep impact on us in a spiritual way. We hope that you will find his music tranquil and inspirational in the same way we did.

So here it is – our newest exclusive interview with Michael – if you’d like to find out more about how he got into composing, what challenges he had to overcome and what he plans to do next click PLAY to find out!

“Don’t take yourself too seriously. There is no there-there, it just doesn’t exist. All we have is the moment and it’s eternal thing.”

Michael Tavera

Star Wars Resistance Main Title – Michael Tavera

Michael Tavera – LEGO Dreamzzz Theme

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