Mike McEvoy: Good Story Telling Is Like Songwriting

Through merely a few notes, one piece of music can evoke a lot of feelings in people. Our most recent interviewee’s compositions do just that. Join us in our interview to hear from Emmy award-winning and Ivor nominated Michael J McEvoy. Renown music composer, Michael is an exceptional producer with amazing skill at songwriting, keyboard playing, and composition, capable of creating a distinct essence for every genre he works on.

Having studied piano and viola at the Centre for Young Musicians and gained a Masters degree in Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music, he believes that the century years old musical tools are essential and necessary when creating music for emotion. Powerful instruments like these held in human hands are what harmonize melodies pleasant to the ear.

As a classically trained composer and improviser for working in film and television, Michael has a large amount of film, television and pop music credits to his name. Through the years he has involved himself as a session musician, writer, arranger and even participated in bands. He has also spent his time composing for jazz, classical and choral ensembles.

Some of his most recent and renown works for film media are: “Real Fur, Citizen Bio, HACKER: Hunter, Finding your Feet, The Jazz Ambassadors, Dark Angel, David Bent: Life on the Road, Forget Me Not” and “Me and Orson Welles”. For him, collaborating with other people, working with human beings is a crucial part of the creative process and his passion is to help others discover their own voice, to find their muse.

We invite you to join us in our interview with Michael to learn more about him and his wonder of music.

Stay openminded about your future, stay curious about music making and reframe your ideas of success. Do what works for you best.

Mike McEvoy

Michael J McEvoy – Together

Michael J McEvoy – Maze of Our Own Making

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