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Knowing a thing or two about organically sounding production, we were pleasantly surprised by John’s reminder in that regard. Projects like Nephilim and The Great Alaskan Race not only showcase his ability to truly feel the story he’s telling, but also purity and depth of a sonic signature which is heard so clearly.

John Koutselinis is an award-winning English film music composer, who has composed high-quality film scores for many successful media, spanning across various themes such as comedy, sci-fi, thrillers and dramas. Other examples of score music he’s composed are Sunlight, Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday, DEUS, Hostile Territory.

John has composed music for over 40 short films including music for films by K&K Productions, which among others include Dragonball Z and League of Legends, which have collectively generated over 15 Million views.

With that said, we hope that you will enjoy this new interview where we talk with John about his composing journey, challenges and plans.

“Study music as much as you can, be humble, be nice. Network as much as you can, and hopefully great
things will happen.”

John Koutselinis

Music from the Original Score Soundtrack from the Motion Picture – Hostile Territory

John Koutselinis

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