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Do you remember when nine years old Christmas said, "Last summer mama gave me the flashlight to signal the aliens"? While the taste of nostalgia may not be for everyone, those who do enjoy it can find this vibe to be a heartwarming and pleasant experience.

In summary, nostalgia may have a reputation as “the rust of one’s memory,” it can actually be a positive thing that brings people together, a force that inspires happiness, creativity, and offers valuable life lessons. It can offer messages of self-acceptance and overcoming obstacles. Modern entertainment has done an excellent job of tapping into this emotion. So did “Troop Zero” movie and music composed by Rob Lord. The directing duo Bert & Bertie called the score, “Epic, cosmic yet playful.”

Rob Lord is an award winning film and television composer working primarily between the UK and the USA. Some key mentions of films he’s worked on would be Troop Zero, I Am Duran, Apartment 12, a documentary The Girl Who Talked To Dolphins. The most recent films being comedies Buddy Games: Spring Awakening, Coffee Wars, and documentaries The Real Anne: Unfinished Business and ‘COPA 71’ which had its world premiere at the opening night of Toronto International Film Festival in the beginning of September this year.

Many might not be aware that Rob has worked in games for many years before moving into film and TV. He has scored video game titles for a host of publishers and developers including Eidos, Sony, Disney, Sega, Codemasters, Perfect Entertainment and Microsoft.

During the interview we talked about the first song he composed and what it was like in his early days as a composer. Rob explained the challenging aspects of composing music and some key highlights of his career. He also mentioned that he played in bands and what we can expect from him in the near future.

"Overengineer, put a lot of work into researching stuff. Try to be a decent human."

Rob Lord

Rob Lord ASCAP Screen Award Promo 2021

Rob Lord – Flashlight on the Deck (feat. Eliza Skelton)

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